Two strangers teamed up for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and found love in the most unlikely of circumstances.



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Nancy and John arrived in Pakistan with little more than bikes and dreams. The ensuing year found them pedaling remote pathways of Asia, over mountains and through deserts, dodging traffic, holy cows – and the occasional rock thrown at them from a cliff by hostile locals.

They explored back roads and tiny villages rarely exposed to western eyes and, after being amazed, repulsed, delighted, shocked, horrified, amused and welcomed by people of many races, these strangers in a strange land melded into the cultures they encountered... and fell in love, both with the beauty of the lands they traveled and, ultimately, with each other.

Join Nancy and John as they wonder what they were thinking as they:

  • experience the traditional hospitality of families of various religions
  • are stranded at 15,000 feet in the Himalayas
  • sleep with holy rats in a temple
  • smell, hear, and see funeral pyres on the Ganges River
  • are mobbed like rock stars in Bangladesh
  • fend off inappropriate and unwanted romantic advances from men
  • are swept away in markets frozen in a time long ago
  • learn that underneath the cultural traditions, people are pretty much the same everywhere







What Were We Thinking? Companion DVD

This DVD will help you feel more intimately connected to John & Nancy's adventures around Asia. It contains hundreds of color photographs, music from the areas we visited, and a narration soundtrack telling stories about the journey.

DVD: $9.99

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