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We were just your normal, ordinary, everyday family one day. The next, we were anything but.

Perhaps it was a midlife crisis, or maybe just a simple plea for a life less ordinary, but one day we realized the American Dream wasn't the be-all and end-all we had hoped it was and decided to throw caution to the wind. We took off with our eight-year-old twins to explore our country on two wheels.

Throughout our twelve-month, 9300-mile journey through nineteen US states and five Mexican states, we four adventurers discovered a side of life seldom portrayed on the nightly news or in the morning paper. Total strangers reached out and embraced us, showing us a kinder,gentler side of humanity than the news would lead you to think existed. Those Road Angels enriched the lives of weary travelers by offering a warm shower, a soft bed to sleep in, or a hot meal after a full day on the road.

Life on the road provided unlimited opportunities to meet ordinary people rich and poor, American and Mexican, city dwellers and countryfolk and all four of us learned to appreciate the individuality of the wide variety of people we encountered.






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