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1,936 Kilometers to go!!!264 viewsUshuaia really is on the radar - at last!!
Ushuaia or Bust!83 views
Ushuaia - 1,937 Kilometers!73 views
Leaving the Andes behind86 views
Daily naptime112 viewsJohn has taken to wanting a nap every day so we pull out the tarp and rest. The boys pull out their ebook readers - the Kindle and Kobo. It's a nice little break from cycling!
A bit of color77 views
Wildflowers86 views
"Climb of the Little Tree"79 viewsIn Argentina, they always name the climbs. Generally, they'll be named after a nearby town - "Cuesta de Miranda" or some such thing. This one cracked me up - "Climb of the Little Tree". I guess that's testament to how few trees there are around here....
Sights on the road94 viewsThis Christmas tree was one of the most bizarre we've seen. I could see the bright colors for a long time - but couldn't make out what it was. It's a tree made of brightly painted plastic bottles!
"The Falkland Islands belong to Argentina"95 viewsThe Falklands are called Las Malvinas in Spanish.
Hot water for mate103 viewsAll the gas stations here have hot water dispensers for mate. Lots and lots of people fill their Thermos'
Grasshopper invasion!94 viewsIn the middle of nowhere we came across an area where the road was slathered with grasshoppers!
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