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Changing Landscape82 viewsIt's interesting to see how rapidly the landscape changes - we've just now entered into this area with palm trees and wonderful mud formations.
Shade Tree161 viewsAlthough there are a lot of trees around here, they are mostly all scraggly, thorny things that don't provide much shade. This one was a great place to take a break - so we stopped even though we took a break 5 km before!
Welcome to Villa Montes!169 viewsAs we pulled into town, these reporters flagged us down and wanted an interview. I had to laugh as I watched John struggle through a Spanish interview - the first one he's ever done! I always do the Spanish interviews as I speak fairly fluently.
At the border208 viewsWe had to stop in the middle of the busy border market to check out of Bolivia. We watched the bikes like hawks!!
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