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Washing clothes276 viewsIt was wash day and the whole village was at the river! The moms washed clothes and the kids played!
Amazon Basin87 views
Breakfast in the Market74 viewsWe found a great juice place in the market and had fresh fruit juices for breakfast. The empanadas were terrible, but the juice was delightful!
Leaving Villa Tunari57 viewsWith so many of us, it takes a while to get organized in the morning!
Playing in the Pool67 viewsAt our hotel in Villa Tunari, we had access to a small pool. the boys had great fun playing together.
The Boys74 views
The boys62 viewsDavy, Jesse, and Sammy rode together the whole way. John kept up when he could so Daryl could be with them, but he just couldn't pedal so fast!
Michael & Ciska59 viewsI have a feeling Ciska has permanently lost her bike - Jesse and Sammy were having too much fun riding together!
Into a hotel58 viewsCramming all our bikes into the lobby of the hotel was tough! We didn't want to stay outside while unpacking due to risk of theft.
Typical House69 viewsNow that we are down where it doesn't get cold, the houses are little more than shacks - they really don't need the protection against cold like up in the mountains.
Break Time54 viewsWe seem to do this a lot!
With Commander Juan and his son63 viewsThe commander invited us to stay at the military base and was so wonderful to us!
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