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Marco Antonio, our Guide82 views
Tourist Trap in Ollantaytambo97 viewsYes - all the Incan sites are very touristed. Even so, ya gotta love INCA BUCKS!
Local color 82 viewsThese people are so colorful!
Finally on the Train!82 viewsBecuase of the landslides 4 months ago, the first part of the "train journey" actually takes place on a bus on a series of roads - some long-standing, some hastily cut through fields or along the tracks.
First View of Machu Picchu65 viewsBecause we visited on the winter solstice, the crowds were horrendous. As we filed in, we were literally pushed forward by thousands of visitors behind us - we couldn't even stop to take a photo!
Waiting for the Sun70 viewsEven though it is still 50 minutes before the sun would rise over the mountain, the entire area above the Sun Temple was packed with people waiting to see the first rays hit the altar. It ended up being clouded over, so nobody saw it.
Davy loves the Alpacas!75 viewsYes - a bunch of people were photoshopped out of this pic!
Heading up to Escape the Crowds75 viewsJohn decided he couldn't handle the crowds at Machu Picchu, so he and Davy started climbing Machu Micchu Mountain.
Playing with Sticks77 viewsOur boys can never walk anywhere without picking up sticks. I never dreamed a kid could have so much fun with a couple of plain ol' sticks!
Father and Son79 views
Hiking Up72 viewsJohn and Davy climbed up Machu Picchu Mountain
Not so Many Tourists Up There!76 views(But there were still a few)
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