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Daryl162 viewsHarry lent us his clippers and Nancy went to work on us boys. Daryl has always hated haircuts because he is so sensitive.
Harry144 viewsAfter all Harry has done for us he deserves a relaxing break
John141 viewsPreparing the Thanksgiving turkey. Bernice (Harry's mom) and Harry treated us to a complete dinner.
Thanksgiving Dinner Plate139 views
Thanksgiving Dinner138 viewsWe had Thanksgiving dinner at Harry's while he and his mother had another obligation.
Dessert140 viewsLater in the day Harry, Bernice, Charles (a friend of Bernice) treated us to homemade ice cream and pie. We got to choose between pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie.
In a Fire Truck137 viewsHarry used to be a member of the fire department and brought the kids for a tour of the facilities
Geocaching140 viewsHarry brought the kids geocaching. Here Daryl is filling out a log.
Found a Cache!146 viewsDaryl has the cache while David signs the log
Work142 viewsWhile the kids were out geocaching, Nancy & I got caught up on chores. Here Nancy is sorting out a stack of mail my sister Jane sent us.
Bernice, David & Daryl176 viewsBernice is showing David and Daryl how she clones tomato plants. She actually had one tomato plant with 55 tomatoes on it!
John Struggling with the Tandem152 views
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