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Southward Bound164 viewsThey brough along their two small children
Daryl148 viewsJust after he woke up in the tent
Breakfast156 viewsWe camped along the Rio Grande
Andres172 viewsAndres the policeman saw us on KOB TV and went out of his way to give us a helping hand.
Curch on the Pueblo Indian Reservation136 views
Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge137 views
Dinnertime150 viewsI'm always amazed at how at almost every chance David or Daryl have, they're reading. Could this be bad? Can they read too much? It seems as though they sould be acting like boys their age and playing or at least fighting with each other!
Riding Through the Desert130 views
A Deceased Rattlesnake142 viewsWe packed it in a ziplock bag and the kids will disect it later.
Harry and David142 views
Our Hosts for the Next 3 or 4 Days156 viewsHarry, Bernice (Harry's mother), Nancy, David, John, and Daryl. We met Harry on our last trip and have become pretty close since then.
Daryl154 viewsI'm worried David and Daryl are going to become Gameboy addicts. Right now we're not limiting their time with them, they can play whenever they get their work done. They're using them every chance they get. Our philosophy is that they will get tired of using them. If this doesn't work soon we may have to limit their time.
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