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Dangle Bracelet 220 views
This is a very unique bracelet. The silver work is extremely detailed. The gold plating is wearing off in the high places allowing the silver to show through giving the piece a beautiful patina. The dangles jingle as you move your arm.
Silver belt 120 views
And yet another view of the belt.
Silver Belt147 views
A close-up and personal view of one component on the belt.
Eritrean Amber 113 views
I was living in Ethiopia when a war broke out between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Ethiopian government decided to deport all Eritreans back to their "own" country - even though most of them had lived their entire lives in Ethiopia. One Eritrean woman, fearing that she would be put in a truck and driven to the border, brought her treasured amber to my favorite bead store. A friend and I bought it and shared the amber pieces, hence the shortened length of this strand.
Ethiopian bracelet 117 views
I love these bracelets!! I'm not sure which part of Ethiopia they come from.
Prayer Box 110 views
I found a few prayer boxes this nice while I lived in Ethiopia, but I think this one is the nicest. It is set with red glass.
Rashaida 100 views
These lovely pieces match the large one with pink and green glass. They could have been earrings or adornments for the head.
Rashaida 218 views
I walked into my favorite silver shop in Addis Ababa one day and the owner simply sat there with a big smile on his face. He knew he had just the thing for me. He knew me well, and knew I wanted the best. He had saved this one for me. It is a whole Rashaida set. Many of these pieces were most likely part of a wedding set, and other parts were added here and there. At some point the family decided they needed money more than the silver and sold it off. I happened to be in the right place at the ri
Rashaida 112 views
This is it - the centerpiece of the entire Rashaida set. A lovely large piece - the large triange measures about 6 inches across the bottom.
Rashaida 104 views
More pieces from the set. Again - I'm not sure exactly how they were worn.
Rashaida 98 views
These are beads and stamps that were attached to the Rashaida set. The stamps would be put over your finger, pressed onto an ink pad, and then stamped on the paper. People used these in place of signatures since so few knew how to read or write.
Rashaida 89 views
These prayer boxes were also part of the set. I doubt they were worn with the rest of the pieces, as they are a completely different style.
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