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Our first state south of the border! The people of Tamaulipas quickly put our fears to rest - the Mexican people are some of the most friendly we've ever met.

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Gosh darn! Veracruz is one long state! We had a whole host of adventures here and it's hard to sum it up. We made the transition into a hot and humid climate, which makes cycling difficult. But still - we met many wonderful people who added magic to our journey.

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Mexico City


From the port of Veracruz we left our bikes behind took a side trip to Mexico City by bus. We discovered the canals of Xochimilco and spent two delightful days there.

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Tabasco is a small state, but it's large on friendliness! (Are you noticing a theme here?) The highlight of Tabasco was staying a couple of days with the Lazo family in Villahermosa.

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From Villahermosa, we took a side trip to see the Mayan ruins in Palenque. It's amazing to walk around and think of the great civilization that lived there 1500 years ago.

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The best part of Campeche is the beach! For a couple days we cycled right along the white sand beaches of southern Mexico and had beautiful vistas with every twist and turn.

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Quintana Roo


We didn't spend much time in Quintana Roo at all - only about 100 miles through the jungle of southern Yucatan.

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Random files - Mexico
Church Bells111 viewsThe church in the central plaza in San Fernando
The Mother121 views
Nancy's Foot160 viewsAs I stood waiting for John to come back and help me get my bike out, I noticed my feet sinking deeper and deeper.
Hijinio118 viewsHijinio, the owner of Merendero las Hamacas, invited us to lunch. He served us a bunch of pork and beans and a bottomless stack of tortillas. He pulled the pork out of this pot and chopped it into pieces for us.
The Tajin Ruins87 viewsThere weren't very many carvings, but there were a few here and there.
The Old Warrior99 viewsThese three huge heads were found all together in a space that was sent apart from the rest of the sculptures. For that reason, they think there was some kind of sacred purpose for the heads - but nobody knows what that might have been. 700 - 600 BC
Campeche Landscape148 viewsTypical landscape we saw riding today: Flat, swampy, and a lot of what used to be jungle but is now farm/grazing land.
Mayan Ruins166 viewsWe're all ruined out! We've pretty much decided we'd not go to anymore ruins no matter how easily accessible there are.

Last additions - Mexico
We're Getting There, Slowly but Surely195 viewsWe are actually within range of Belize! We've crossed all of Mexico - truly amazing! Mar 14, 2009
Curious Onlookers204 viewsThe whole crowd was fascinated by the idea of my writing in my journal. Mar 14, 2009
Curious Onlookers190 viewsThe girls stayed way away until I invited them over to see our gear. They had never seen a tent before and were utterly fascinated! Mar 14, 2009
Nancy178 viewsNancy pushes her bike up a long, hot, and sweaty hill. This type of terrain and weather tends to zap our energy. Mar 14, 2009
Mayan Ruins166 viewsWe're all ruined out! We've pretty much decided we'd not go to anymore ruins no matter how easily accessible there are.Mar 14, 2009
Road Construction144 viewsMar 14, 2009
Tyical Scenery146 viewsMar 14, 2009
Its a Jungle Out There176 viewsThere wasn't much to look at as far as scenery goes... Mar 14, 2009