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The highlight of Montana was riding through Glacier National Park. We also enjoyed learning about American history while we traveled through the Bitteroot Valley.

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The highlight of Wyoming was cycling through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. The weather was perfect and the fall leaves were at their peak.

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Since we were so close to our hometown of Boise, we rented a car and took a side trip there to take care of alot of pressing business. On the way we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument. While in Boise we visted with Candi, our nephew, who along with his friends entertained us with Reggai music. We also visited with Nancy's friends where we dined on the most delicious food we've had in quite some time.

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The highlights of Utah was cycling Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. We continued to follow fall on its southward march.

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The entire time we spent in Arizona, we spent in the Navajo Nation. We learned about the history of the area when we visited Canyon de Chelly.

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New Mexico


New Mexico brought both a high and new low in our journey. John and Daryl were hit by a motorist in Albuquerque, but fortunately sustained no serious injuries. Later, we made our way to Truth or Consequences for Thanksgiving dinner with our good friend, Harry.

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We followed the Rio Grande for miles and miles before finally reaching McAllen where we would cross into Mexico. Texas provided many challenges, including mountains, headwinds, and severe weather. But we also met many, many wonderful people who made it all worthwhile.

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Forest Fire109 viewsA forest fire raged here in the Bitterroot Valley eight years ago.
Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area137 views
Davy105 views
ARches96 views
Trick or Treat!!110 views
Harry's Houseboat178 viewsWe spent the afternoon on Harry's houseboat and of course the kids went swimming. The air was warm but the water was cold
Daryl and Sam (far left) participated in a National Geographic Geography Bee in Odessa, Texas. We couldn't get David to take part in the competition. 153 views
The Pump House Museum287 viewsEric and Buster join in a picture in front of the Pump House Museum.

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The Pump House Museum287 viewsEric and Buster join in a picture in front of the Pump House Museum. Jan 17, 2009
From the Grounds of the Pump House Museum221 viewsFrom the grounds of the museum we could watch the construction of the border wall take place. The Rio Grande and the border crossing are just on the other side of the trees.Jan 17, 2009
The Pump House Museum209 viewsJan 17, 2009
Pump House Museum136 viewsThese are the boilers used to produce the steam necessary to run the centrifugal pumps which pumped water out of the Rio Grande for irrigation.Jan 17, 2009
David163 viewsDavid is standing in front of the Border WallJan 12, 2009
The Vogel Family210 viewsWe're in front of Bush's Border Wall which runs along the Rio Grande on the US side. We haven't met anyone here who agrees with it here.Jan 12, 2009
David and Frank167 viewsDavid is out on an island in the Rio Grande River which neither belongs to Mexico or the USA.Jan 12, 2009
Daryl177 viewsDaryl and Eric get launched into the Rio Grande. When they hit the river at full speed Daryl fell right into the river but fortunately it was pretty warm. We're at Anzalduas Park with Los Caminos del Rio.Jan 12, 2009