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Who are we? "We" are just your normal, everyday, American family who happens to be following our dreams and chasing rainbows. We are adventure seekers and modern-day explorers who are limited only by our imaginations - and we have very vivid imaginations! We learned early to live life to the fullest; to grab life by the horns and enjoy the ride.

And we have learned the value of time. They say time is the greatest gift one can give their children. Time is why we made the decision to quit our teaching jobs and join the ever-burgeoning ranks of homeschoolers; we were tired of spending more time with other parents' kids than with our own. So here we are - endeavering to spend as much time as we can with our precious children. Time is passing quickly. We can never go back. We can only take advantage of every moment we have.
John Vogel (aka Dad) is the powerhouse of the family. He tirelessly captained a triple bike 9300 miles around North America in 2006-07, and captained our tandem from Alaska to Argentina. John's passion (in addition to bicycling the world) is technology of all sorts, especially video editing and website design. He's a classroom veteran with 20 years teaching experience under his belt. Most of those twenty years were spent in compter labs working with kids from PreK all the way to High School. He also teaches Chemistry, Physics, and Math.
Nancy Sathre-Vogel (aka Mom) is the quiet strength of the household. The love of her life is beadwork, and she willingly lugs a couple pounds of beads around the world in her panniers. You can see her beadwork here.
Nancy is also a long-time teacher. She boasts 21 years in the classroom in all levels from Grade 1 through High School. Her favorite subject to teach is science - if it is a hands-on approach!
Daryl is a voracious reader and we have a hard time keeping him in books a Kindle was a godsend on our journey! He is also an excellent soccer player and can never get enough time in the water. His newest passion is robotics and he's now involved with a FIRST Robotics Club learning all he can. Daryl's insatiable curiosity drives us all batty at times, but he also drives us to learn more than we would otherwise.
Davy is our family athlete. He lives for soccer, lacrosse, or whatever other sport he happens to stumble upon. Davy is passionate about Legos and will spend hours building intricate creations. Davy is now teaming up with his brother to build robots. He enjoys peace and quiet, and was thrilled to ride his own bike throughout the Americas. Its not at all uncommon to find Davy curled up in his sleeping bag at midnight reading late at night when all is quiet is his favorite time to read.
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In 2006/07 we spent twelve months exploring the USA and Mexico. You can find the journal of that trip here.


In 2008 we cycled away from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska enroute to Ushuaia, Argentina. It was a journey of 17,300 miles through fifteen countries. We arrived at the southernmost point of South America on March 21, 2011. You can find our journal here.